Author Biographies

George MacDonald (1824–1905) was born in Huntly, Aberdeenshire and was a poet, author and church minister. He attended Aberdeen University and then trained as a minister in London. He was involved in ministerial work in various places including Manchester and Algiers. A friend of Mark Twain (it is widely believed that MacDonald’s writing influenced Twain’s own work) and mentor of Lewis Carroll, he is also credited with influencing many notable authors including JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. The publication of Phantastes in 1858 firmly established his status as a writer. His non-fantasy novels are regarded as the founding works of the ‘Kailyard’ school of writing. He moved to Italy in 1879 and spent over 20 years there, returning to England in 1900. Between 1855 and his death in 1905, MacDonald published over 100 books in a variety of genres including fantasy, romance and a number of Christian sermons.
Andrew Lang (1844–1912) was born in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders and was educated at Edinburgh Academy and then attended St Andrews University and Balliol College, Oxford. He moved to London in 1875 to work as a journalist. He was mainly known for his writing on folklore, religion and mythology. His first collection of folklore stories, The Blue Fairy Book, was published in 1889. Lang published 11 more fairy books and was credited with the revival of folk and fairy tales. He died in Banchory in 1912 and was buried in St Andrews Cathedral.
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