Author Biographies

Robert Chambers (1802–1871) was a Scottish publisher, author, journal editor and geologist. He was born in Peebles and the family moved to Edinburgh in 1813. He began his own bookselling business aged just 16. His brother William had a small printing business and they joined forces. They were the founders of both Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal and the publishing company W & R Chambers Publishers. Robert wrote a number of books published by the company including Traditions of Edinburgh, Walks in Edinburgh and Life of Sir Walter Scott. He died in 1871 in St Andrews and was buried in the Cathedral burial ground.
John Gibson Lockhart (1794–1854) was the son-in-law of Sir Walter Scott and was also his biographer. He was born in Lanarkshire and after studying at Glasgow University and Oxford, moved to Edinburgh in 1816 and began to practise law. He soon realised that law was not for him and so began writing, becoming a contributor to the Edinburgh Monthly Magazine and Blackwood’s. Lockhart met Sir Walter Scott in 1818 and married his daughter Sophia in 1820. In 1825 he took up the editorship of the Quarterly Review, his novel-writing tailing off due to this. Beset by family bereavement, his own health failed and he died in Abbotsford in 1854. He was buried in Dryburgh Abbey near the grave of Sir Walter Scott.
Born in Edinburgh in 1850, Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, travel writer, essayist and poet. He spent a year on the French Riviera to recuperate from ill-health and whilst there developed his love of art. Three years spent touring the Pacific and South Seas resulted in some travel writing and formed the backdrop for many of his novels.  Best known for Kidnapped and Treasure Island, Stevenson was a literary celebrity during his lifetime and now ranks among the 30 most translated authors in the world. Stevenson died in Samoa aged 44.
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