Scottish Women Writers

Self-Control – Mary Brunton

Memoirs of a Highland Lady – Elizabeth Grant

Modern Accomplishments – Catherine Sinclair

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Scotland has a great number of great women writers and this collection of Scottish Women Writers takes the works of three great novelists and places them together in this collection.


Self-Control  by Mary Brunton

Mary Brunton’s first novel Self-Control combines religion, romance and adventure. The main character, the beautiful but prim Laura Montreville, is pursued by the handsome libertine Colonel Hargrave. Financial misfortune takes Laura to London, where she meets De Courcy who becomes Laura’s admirer and anonymous patron. The unrepentant Hargrave has Laura taken to North America, but she escapes and is reunited with De Courcy.

Memoirs of a Highland Lady  by Elizabeth Grant

First published in 1898, three years after her death, Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus’s Memoirs of a Highland Lady was originally intended simply for her family. The book documents Grant’s life, not only in Scotland, but all over Europe and even India when her father is offered a judgeship there. This vivid record of life in the early 19th century is full of both wit and keen observation and forms an enduring picture of her life. Her accounts of travelling to other countries are both interesting and amusing and allow the reader to contrast the differences in Grant’s life in Rothiemurchus with that of London society, Europe and India.

Modern Accomplishments  by Catherine Sinclair

Currently out of print and not available as an ebook, Catherine Sinclair’s Modern Accomplishments is a tale of ‘accomplished’ young ladies in the 19th century. Matilda has been raised by an intellectual mother, whereas her cousin Eleanor is the perfect debutante. The 16-year-olds arrive in the Edinburgh of the 1830s to finish their education, and are met with a variety of opinions on how a young lady should behave. This classic Scottish novel offers fascinating insight into the limitations placed on women by nineteenth century society.
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