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scottish children's fantasy

The Princess and the Goblin – George MacDonald
Prince Prigio and Prince Ricardo – Andrew Lang
The Wise Woman and Other Stories – George MacDonald

These classic children’s tales have fascinated young readers for many years. The Scottish Children’s Fantasy bundle gives these books a chance to be enjoyed by a new generation of readers.

The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald
This charming fantasy novel was first published in 1872 and tells the tale of Princess Irene who lives in a castle in the mountains. A subterranean army of goblins are planning to storm the castle. In order to defeat them, Irene must enlist the help of Curdie, a miner boy, and her mysterious great-great-grandmother, who secretly lives in the castle tower. A story of courage, faith and the triumph of good over evil.


Prince Prigio by Andrew Lang

Cursed with being smarter than everyone else, Prince Prigio is disliked by all. Finding himself alone and friendless, he sets out to prove himself to the world by saving the kingdom from monsters. He succeeds and the more humble Prigio is finally accepted. Prince Ricardo continues the story, following the adventures of Prigio’s son, Prince Ricardo. Unlike his father, Prince Ricardo is not very academic and hates reading in particular. The story follows his various adventures which involve princesses and malevolent mythical creatures.


The Wise Woman and Other Stories by George MacDonald

Writing not for children but for the ‘childlike’, this fairy tale was one of MacDonald’s most popular works. The story recounts how a woman of mysterious powers visits two young girls from very different backgrounds: one is a princess, the other a shepherd’s daughter. Both have been spoiled by their parents and are deeply affected by the intervention of the wise woman. Startling events result in fantastic fairy-worlds in which the girls must choose between good and evil. MacDonald is a master of both children’s and fantasy fiction and it is no surprise that he was a massive influence on C. S. Lewis.

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ISBN 9781910486245 (epub) 9781910486252 (mobi)


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