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scottish supernatural classics

The Three Perils of Man – James Hogg
Thrawn Janet and Other Stories – R. L. Stevenson
Phantastes and Lilith – George MacDonald

Three tales of the supernatural combined into this one collection, the Scottish Supernatural Classics bundle will send a shiver down the spine.

The Three Perils of Man by James Hogg
Whilst initially appearing as a historical romance, James Hogg’s classic Scottish novel develops two main plots concerning the supernatural (at Aikwood Castle) and the chivalric (at Roxburgh Castle). It becomes a subtle mix of supernatural folk tale, historical novel, chivalric epic and comedy – all underpinned with a clear description of traditional rural life.


Thrawn Janet and Other Stories by R. L. Stevenson
A collection of R. L. Stevenson’s best horror stories, including Thrawn Janet and Jekyll and Hyde. In the title story, Reverend Murdoch Soulis is minister of Balweary. The women of the village are horrified when he decides to ask Janet McClour to be his housekeeper since they believe she is a witch. Janet is forced to publicly renounce the devil but the next day she is struck with a mysterious affliction that twists her neck to one side as if she had been hanged – hence the name Thrawn (Twisted) Janet. A tale of good versus evil that will chill the spine. The book is currently out of print.


Phantastes and Lilith by George MacDonald
A two-story collection from George MacDonald, includes the story that brought his name to public attention. Phantastes is the story of a young man (Anodos) who is pulled into a dreamlike world and there he hunts for his ideal of female beauty. He spends 21 days in this strange world and lives through many adventures and temptations. Lilith is considered one of the darkest of MacDonald’s works. The story covers the themes of life, death and salvation. This is the first instance of the two stories being published as an ebook.

PRICE £2.99
ISBN 9781910486061 (epub) 9781910486078 (mobi)

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