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the edinburgh collection

Traditions of Edinburgh – Robert Chambers
Peter’s Letters to his Kinfolk – John Gibson Lockhart
Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes – R. L. Stevenson

Three books examining Scotland’s capital city. The Edinburgh Collection bundle mixes fiction and non-fiction to showcase the city.

Traditions of Edinburgh by Robert Chambers

The book explores the writings of Robert Chambers as he wandered through the streets of Edinburgh and recorded the statements, memories and traditions of its population. Chambers was probably best known as a publisher, founding W&R Chambers with his brother, William. The chapters are divided into geographical areas of the city and make marvellous reading. This is a fantastic collection of anecdotes, historical tales and humorous stories and is a must for anyone who wishes to understand Edinburgh as it was almost 200 years ago. Anyone familiar with the modern city will be fascinated to discover the history of the streets they walk and the buildings they pass. The etched images contained in the original book have been retained in this edition which serves to enhance the content even further.


Peter’s Letters to his Kinfolk by John Gibson Lockhart

John Gibson Lockhart was the son-in-law of Sir Walter Scott and is better known as an editor, but the quality of this book will leave readers wishing he had been a more prolific writer. Using the fictional satirical letters of an imaginary Welsh scholar, Dr Peter Morris, Lockhart brings to life the society and major characters in Scottish intellectual circles during the early 19th century.


Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes by R. L. Stevenson

Amongst the most vivid and personal of Stevenson’s books, his series of essays is part social commentary and part guide book. It gives an intriguing insight into Edinburgh in the late 19th century. Stevenson is interested in Edinburgh as a city of contrasts. His tongue-in-cheek views of his native city were somewhat controversial, attracting criticism at the time but Stevenson’s fondness for this home town shines through.

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ISBN 9781910486184 (epub) 9781910486191 (mobi)

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