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typesetting & text design

​Text design is an integral part of the production process. High-quality, bespoke typesetting will always enhance the reader experience, allowing the text to 'flow', and we pride ourselves on creating this each and every time. Our highly skilled typographers use your manuscript text and convert it into book format by applying full text design (fonts, spacing, artwork placement, page dimensions – all appropriate to the subject matter) to create a consistent look and style throughout the book.



​Once the text is designed and typeset, we supply a full proof for the author to check. We recommend this is also checked by an independent proofreader. We can offer this service, where one of our experienced in-house proofreaders will read the entire typeset text and mark any errors. A proofread does not replace a copy-edit, and we recommend that both checks are carried out on your text. Using a proofreader will add the final layer of quality to the finished book.


project management

​This service will lead you through the entire publishing process step-by-step, in a clear and coherent fashion. We will provide you with the guidance, information and all aspects of the publishing process you require. This will help to maximise the quality of your publication at an affordable cost. A project manager is assigned as your contact, who will tailor the service to meet the demands of your project and budget. Essentially, you choose the elements of the editorial and production process you require – it is important you retain control of your book.


ebook conversion

We have remained at the forefront of ebook conversion since the beginning of the digital revolution. We have converted thousands of titles (both frontlist and backlist) for the UK’s leading publishers. Our unique ‘content first’ workflow makes the ebook conversion process both quick and seamless, and we create all file types for all reading devices. Epub-only publication uses your manuscript for conversion to e-format, while for print publications, we create a bespoke conversion allowing the design and feel of your book to be retained.


print placement

Selecting the correct printing company is an important factor and it can be crucial to both quality and cost. We can advise on the most appropriate print companies based on your print requirements (i.e. book format, number of pages and number of copies required). We are not aligned to any print company/group of companies and take no commission on print work. Therefore, we are committed to sourcing the best possible print solution for your book and will use our experience and knowledge of the print industry to achieve this.



Some non-fiction and reference books really benefit from having an index. We can create a basic index using automated tools or use an indexing professional (member of the Society of Indexers) to create a comprehensive index. We can also advise on whether an index is appropriate for your book.


cover design

​​Your book cover creates the first impression for potential readers, and is one of the most important aspects of marketing a book. A well-designed cover will allow the reader to really feel the text, even before they start reading. We can design your cover fully from scratch or from your initial ideas. Both options use styles appropriate for the narrative, to best convey the overall look and feel of your book.


artwork & reprographics

Artwork can be introduced to your title either integrated into the text flow or collated into a plate section. Image integration can be in any style – chapter art, full page illustrations, placed with text wraparound, whereas the plate section is one batch, usually in colour and printed separately from the main text. We can advise you on which option best suits your needs. All images supplied must be high quality and you must own the copyright.



A skilled copy-editor will review your manuscript, checking for consistency, spelling, grammar, repetition and punctuation. They will mark amendments via ‘tracked changes’ in Word or on a print-out of your manuscript if preferable. But you, as the author, will decide whether to accept the proposed changes – you retain control of your book. This process enhances the writing and ensures the quality of your manuscript. No matter how many times an author has checked a manuscript, an experienced copy-editor will often spot additional errors.


any further questions?

Please contact us via email: and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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